Graduate Studies : Dual-Degree, BS-PhD

Dual-Degree Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


The Dual-Degree Program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology is offered to mature high school seniors with strong academic ability and achievement who seek careers in biological or biomedical science. Students can earn both a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in approximately 6 years.

Students undergo a highly selective screening process and are admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences and will immediately be introduced to research in the School of Medicine. Accepted students are assured of a place in the graduate program of the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department after 2.5 or 3 calendar years of undergraduate work provided that they meet the conditions outlined elsewhere. Applicants to the Dual-Degree Program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology must be in their last year of high school.

Undergraduates will have the opportunity to work with top-level research scientists in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and also in clinical laboratories with scientists that are associated with the department. They will conduct intensive laboratory work in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, or nutritional biochemistry starting in the summer before their first fall semester starts. By spring of their junior year, students will prepare an undergraduate thesis as preparation for their entry into graduate school. At that time they will start taking graduate courses and continue to do research with a graduate faculty member.

Students must be eligible for an undergraduate program in Privileged Studies, designed for students who enter UM with advanced knowledge in several disciplines. Privileged Studies provides flexibility in designing a course of study without the limitations of the conventional course distribution requirements.

To be considered, students must:

  • have a combined SAT1 score of 1400 (combined Math and Critical Reading scores) or an ACT score of 32 and an unweighted GPA of 3.75.
  • meet the SAT II score requirement of at least 600 in Math, and one science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics).
  • have completed eight semesters of English and mathematics and two semesters each of biology and chemistry by the time they graduate from high school.
  • complete all components of their Common Application for undergraduate admission by November 1 of their senior year.
  • complete a supplemental application form for the Dual-Degree Program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology.
  • include a counselor recommendation, three letters of recommendation from teachers in support of their application to the Dual-Degree Program, and a personal statement.

Conditions you must meet to remain in the program and advance to our graduate program upon completion of your undergraduate career:

  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.5 or better.
  • Required courses are organic chemistry plus labs (CHM 201 and 202), Genetics (BIL 250), Cell Biology (BIL 255, two semesters of University Physics plus labs and BMB 506 (Principles of Biochemistry). BMB 507 (Proteins and Enzymes), BMB 509 (Molecular Biology of the Gene) and BMB 545 (Research).
  • GRE score of 1200 or better.
  • Proven ability to do research.

Program Contacts:

Dr. Sapna Deo
Director, Graduate Studies and Molecular Medicine Pathway
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Gautier Building, Room #239DB
(305) 243-4421

Dr. Thomas K. Harris
Director, Undergraduate Studies
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Gautier Building, Room #111
(305) 243-3358

Apply Now:

Send all Dual-Degree Program Admission application materials to:
Dual-Degree Program Admission
Office of Admission
University of Miami
P.O. Box 248025
Coral Gables, FL 33124-4616

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