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Fenghua Yuan

Reaserch Assistant Proffessor
Primary Appointment of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
(305) 243-9238
Gautier Building Room #334
Research Area: Mechanisms of Human DNA Repair, Interstrand Cross-Link Repair and Mismatch Repair.

Research Summary:

Genomic instability creates a variety of mutations and alterations in DNA and thus serves as an enabling factor in cancer development. My research interest is to understand the molecular mechanisms of genomic instability. Specifically, I am interested in two replication-coupled repair pathways: mismatch repair and interstrand crosslink repair in human cells. Mismatch repair corrects mismatches generated during DNA replication and escaped proofreading. Deficient mismatch repair is the direct cause of a cander syndrome call Lynch Syndrome or hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. My current focus is to discover novel components such as helicases and nucleases in mismatch repair. I am also interested in understanding how cells repair and tolerate DNA interstrand crosslink damage and what roles Fanconi anemia proteins play in the repair of crosslink damage.