Events : Miami Winter Symposium

Miami Winter Symposium

Our Department is unique for hosting the internationally recognized annual Miami Winter Symposium (MWS), created by Professor William Whelan, the first leader and Chair of the Department. The Miami Winter Symposium is currently managed by Elsevier and features world-renowned speakers in emerging areas of science and technology. This event cements our Department’s goal of furthering education and discovery in biochemistry and molecular biology on an international level.

Is a unique free experience offered to BMB graduate students where the theme is biochemistry and molecular medicine. Spread over four days each January, students attend this event and get to see an international cast of speakers who share their knowledge and research projects. Since it’s inception in 1968, there have been about 50 Nobel Prizewinners speakers.

During this event, the attendees get the chance to meet their counterparts from all over the world and is an opportunity to meet faculty looking for PostDocs or representatives from industry or research organizations.

The event next January 2017 will be focused on Diabetes: Today’s Research Tomorrow’s Therapies.

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